First Music Video Shoot

So I’m starting to produce video. Locally of course, and fairly low-budget, however I get use of some awesome gear courtesy of Guy Cochran and the DVeStore ( The first run of videos I’m doing is for a Seattle band called Boneriver. Good guys, solid musicians, and it’s been a pleasure to shoot them and create the video. In final stages of post-production, I’ll post the vids when they’re complete and approved. For now, here’s what I was using;

Sony FX-1 HDV Camcorder

Mounted on a Miller DS10 Tripod head with Miller sticks.

Lighting was basically a Rifa 55 softbox (excellent for on-the-go shooting) and a few spotlights. Also had the Litepanels Micro mounted on the hotshoe of the FX-1.

Which provided excellent boosts of light when needed.

The first video, “Can’t Walk the Line” was the hardest to shoot for a number of reasons. Trying to light the band evenly was difficult, as well as getting them all to play exactly as they had on the recording. But that’s the magic of post-production.

The outcome of these videos probably won’t be MTV quality video, but it will be something everyone involved will be proud of. After this, it’s on to more music videos (hopefully) as well as hoping to expand to covering corperate gigs and possibly even weddings as well. More to follow.



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